Kitui 2

I am beginning to feel that the jetlag adjustment has been made. Got up when I heard them Muslim call to worship at dawn. We ate and soon got on the road. Wait for a matatu back to Kisasi; listen to jokes about the crowded conditions by everyone in the car, and finally get to our target location.

We walked back behind the buildings to go to the church we had visited yesterday. I am getting used to letting the Evangelists take my backpack from me. It bothers me a bit (An American saddles his own bronc) but I am aware that they would feel bad if they didn't. Wow as we get behind the building it is clear that this is a small version of Ft Worth. There is a large corral of cattle, cows, bulls, calves, combined with owners and buyers. Then there is a collection of about 30 donkeys, mostly young also waiting to be bought. I'm afraid these would be small in Texas, but most of them looked to be in good condition. Oh, these a Zebus, with a hump. The Malagasy would appreciate them.

Church was about 45 people. We held a communion service for them as they had not had a pastor for a year or so. Apparently he was not being paid, and so returned home to his parents area. I was asked again to preach. All the places we visited seemed very happy that they were not forgotten. Pastor Atunga was able to discuss various pastoral questions with them - My 3-4 words of Kiswahili couldn't keep up with their discussion. After church we went in back of the church to visit a sick woman and bring her communion. Most of the church members came with us. We had a short service for her in her living room. One lady helped her sit up, but she was cleared exhausted when we finished and she lay down.

On our way back, as we passed the cattle yard, I stopped at the fence to admire the cattle. One of the salesmen tried to sell one to me. Now what would I do with a cow? Give it back?

We had to wait a bit but caught a ride back to Kitui, where we caught a ride to Machoca for the night. The countryside here was much greener than we had passed earlier. The strange weather around the world is hitting Kenya as well. This night we slept a "hotel" multistory, I slept in room 3H. We could have gone on to Nairobi, but getting there after dark seemed not a good idea.