Breakfast in the morning, and then a walk to the "bus station", a place by the road where the matatus would stop. Today we traveled on a matatu bus. There were places for about 40 passengers, who could maintain a constant good humored conversation. Samuel (Pastor Atunga) and myself could talk while watching the countryside.

The temperature warmed up and my jacket went around my waist - so glad I learned how to tie the arms together. We bought bottles of water to drink on the way, I put mine in my jacket pocket so it would hang by my leg and I didn't have to worry about it in my hand. Yesterday the ground was broken black rock, obviously volcanic. Fields all had piles of rocks, gathered to clear the growing areas. Today the ground is red clays with an overlay of dust or find sand. The road is no longer tar (tarmac for the British) but clay surface. The clay is hard but there are numerous dried out holes and ruts so the bus constantly moves back and forth across the road, slowly.

We got off the bus and visited the church at Kisasi - located a ways behind the highway stores. We then rented a couple of matatu motorcyles (riding three up) to reach an outlying church. A chance to ride motorcycle in Africa! Great even if I didn't get to drive. For those interested the bikes were Skygo (Chinese) 125 size. I watched the speedometer, we never went over 40 kilometers an hr - we did better on the gutless wonders we rented in Florida a couple of years ago.

Apparently, the locals fire bricks made from the local clay. The church was built of bricks mortared with cement, with a tin (corrugated metal) roof. There were no furnishing inside nor window fillers (neither glass nor shutters). Pretty soon some people brought chairs - plastic chairs in multicolors. The local evangelists (for this church and Kisasi) were present and about 8 women showed up for a fellowship time. I was asked to teach/preach so I talked for a few minutes. I have been impressed all trip with the people coming to church meetings during the week while work and school were in session.

We returned on motorcycles, waited for matatu to Kitui proper. We walked through the town a bit, found a hotel and checked. Supper was rice with thin meat stew and water. Great.