Sunday at LIA

I spent Saturday visiting Resurrection Gardens, a Catholic retreat center, featuring mosaic and bronze frieze representation of the Gospel. Roughly half on Jesus life and the other covering the stations of the cross. Very well done, with appropriate Bible passages by each one, surrounded by well kept grass, flowers, and trees. Through everything you could hear the birds singing.

Sunday morning we had church at the LIA chapel where I did the preaching (see the sermons page) and was asked to actually baptize a baby. Thank you Lord. The organist ran a keyboard - he is an MAF technician from Finland. Just the person we need to see to get us into MAF to talk about how to get to South Sudan. As a bonus, I get to tour the airport location with him and try to understand how and what they do.

Everyone is astounded by our granchhildren, :) as they should be :). Miss them all though I appreciate seeing a couple on Skype last night.

There are some pictures if you click down through the "Missions" menu above, although I have just started getting them all in.