Here I am in Kenya, freezing! The temperature is not really freezing, but its cold enough that I wear my long pants and jacket. The good news is that they tell me that South Sudan is hot and humid. Maybe I won't be cold there.

I've given copies of the textbook to the workers here (3 pastors). They have appreciated what they have seen initially. I have mostly just talked with them, taken pictures around the building, and rested up. My body is full jet lag, which I ignore, but hope that this evening, when I get to bed it will mostly go away.

Pastor Atunga met me at the airport with his wife and a driver. We all pitched in to get all 8 luggage pieces into the car. I had to get 2 carts at the baggage check to carry all the suitcases. I fond them easily enough, after waiting in the back of one of 4 visa issuing lines. Easy flight, if long - and Amsterdam has no electric outlets for passengers to use while waiting. Not sure yet just what I will do here, Pastor May is on vacation (which I assist at by preaching at the mission chapel this sunday) so I will just keep visiting and talking various mission topics with our local teachers.