Last minute checking

The day actually started yesterday. I checked on line to check in and get my tickets printed 30 hrs ahead of time it said. Then I called Delta to make sure, well they said 24 hrs but thats all right. I leave at 10:40 so we could go after traffic in the morning. The check engine let went on in the car, called and go an appointment for 8 AM Wednesday, the day before I leave.
We get to the car place and they start checking it. Hr and a half later, starting to worry a bit, the mechanic comes out to tell us he wants the car overnight. It needs to be cold to decide exactly what is wrong. Sigh. Our discussion ends telling us we might have a $200, or a $300, or a $800 bill! The day before I leave. We leave and discuss it on the way to the airport.
We are too cheap to hire a porter, so I run in find a cart - 3 luggage only. Run back to the car (Karen is holding it safely from TSA), unload 3 heavy suitcases, push them just inside the door (so I can always see them). Come back to the car to get the other 3, bring them up to the suitcases, bring Karen up (remember just inside the door), run back to the car where TSA asks if it is my car (whew, back just in time). Drive around to park the car while Karen waits. Elevator down, walk into the terminal, up the stairs locate the Delta baggage counter, get 3 suitcases over to the counter, told to use the self-service Kiosk. It won't take me. Go to counter. "We only take baggage, go across to the check-in counter", go to the check-in counter, wait for my turn. Girl looks at my schedule, asks for passport. Sigh, go back to get Karen, do the back and forth thing with suitcases and the cart (reminds me of the problem of moving the fox, goose, and grain across the river!). Wait to get up again. New woman looks at the schedule. Oh, you can't check in earlier than 6 hrs before flight time! but but .... Oh, you can do that on internet. Oh, and we can't accept suitcases if you are going to leave the airport. Huh
Back to shuffling the suitcases to the exit (while stifling unhappy comments). Then down, across, and up to get the car. Missed a turn on the way back, long turn around, finally get the car back, suitcases and Karen in the car and leave the airport. Decide on the way back to simply keep the car til I return and then replace it.
We got to go to Chinese one more time, one more visit to the library and Good Will. Then home to double check the last bits of baggage. Then as I try to put one last CD together for Karen to listen to while I am gone, family shows up to say good by. And bring a birthday present - a camera for the trip. Thank you all. Now if I can get on line in Africa I can show some pictures of what I am doing.
So tomorrow is a 5/6 oclock appointment with the airport. Think I might use a porter this time!