Ready to Go

Christmas came and went. A great time with family and friends. On the 29th of December, the textbooks arrived. God is great! We started packing suitcases immediately. Even medium size suitcases fill up to the weight limit (50 lbs for extra suitcases) rapidly. We have 6 suitcases besides the 2 hand baggage I get to carry. Everything fit in, with room enough for one suitcase for Madagascar - to be forwarded to the seminary library at Morondava when someone travels there later in the year.

One is never really sure what the future will bring, but we have done our best to be ready. God provided a solar flashlight this Christmas - I was wondering what I could use, as the nights can be very dark in Africa. Streetlights, what are they?

I am very thankful for Karen, her help in preparation, and help in this trip. I certainly could not make it without her support. There are so many who are and have been helping with contributions and verbal encouragement also. Thank you God.

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