Too long

Too long since I posted. :) The textbook proof came and I immediately noticed that pages were on the wrong side, so emergency work to go through the text again, add a page in the beginning, then catch a bunch of typos I should have caught before, send it back to the printers, who then had to go through a repeat process before I could order. Was beginning to worry about receiving them but got the order off yesterday and the project manager assured me that they would arrive before departure. Of course, they may come on the 3rd - and I leave on the 4th. Nice to be able to trust God.

Christmas is almost here. I did preach last week, but the recorder fell down and I don't think anything was saved. Oh, well. Weather is cold - just cold enough to make motorcycle riding not pleasant, although I always find myself whistling as I ride off. Yesterday got to ride early and late - enough to freeze my hands and legs but not dangerous yet. Don't want to visit Seth in Colorado though, snow/ice scares me.