book done

Long hours and repeated read through the book mean its done. "Christians Teach". It includes Dr Jacobs Dogmatics book, Luther's Large Catechism, Small Catechism, the so-called ecumenical creeds (as included in the Book of Concord) and a set of simple worship services. Jacob's book is QA form, so I made sure that each Q and Answer are on the same page, except where the answer is too long (quite seldom). Then I started each chapter on the right side, so there are a few blank pages (titled "readers Notes").

I hope this book will not only be useful for the seminary in South Sudan, but become a prime reference for practicing pastors in Africa. It may end up being translated but that is up to many others besides me.

While family doings are revolving around Christmas, and I am happily involved, my mind is floating more and more often to South Sudan. Have to keep my focus here though as I am preaching on the 18th and the 25th in Fairfield Il. A great priviledge but also something of a distraction. Oh, well God will provide.

I have a volunteer looking for suitcases for me to carry the books to Africa. Overweight baggage is significantly the cheapest way to bring books over there (not that that is cheap either), also the suitcases will be donated to seminary students so they have something carry their clothing etc in as they travel.