Back in St Louis

Florida has come and gone. We visited Epcot - saw Mexico, Norway, France, Chinese acrobats and had a lot of fun. It is good to be with family. Thanksgiving was church and then turkey. I got filled up - even though I can't eat as much as in younger years.... Then Friday we spent a few hours at the Atlantic beach. Unfortunately, I didn't get to walk up and down the shore asking about timeshares. Oh, well the water was cold - I verified that by jumping in. Saw a couple of surfers who couldn't stay up more than ten seconds - the waves just didn't last that long.

The ride back was rainy. We traveled through rural Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to avoid the big city traffic jams. Did that but the pouring rain on I-55 north to STL was not pleasant. Sunday we brought Diary back to school in Concordia MO. Tomorrow its work on the Systematics book and material for class.