Back Nairobi

Get up early. Have some nestle's poor quality hot chocolate for breakfast (along with a fried egg and a sausage). Then pack the car, check the room for lost items, and off. No pictures since the batteries wore out yesterday at the installation, but up the rift valley wall were some spectacular views that had been obscured by fog on the way down.

The Kisii people farm intensively, with trees around their farms. Their houses are spread out over the country side. As we got up the hills from the Rift Valley, and on a bit towards Nairobi we passed huge US sized fields planted with what looked like wheat. This is tractor types of farms. Not sure if this is corporate farming or if there are just some rich farmers in Kenya.

Very nice to be back in Nairobi, even if the first thing I did was to put on my coat. Everyone here seems to wear long pants and some sort of overcoat or sweater. Then just as I got the computer turned on, Mother showed up on the Skypeline, and I got to see her early in the morning for her. Thank you Lord.