Sunday worship started at 10:30 – ended at 4 PM when the rain started (as it always does at 4). It was installation time for the Bishop (district president) of the southwest diocese. This is the Kisii people place with about 50% of the Lutherans in Kenya. It was a big celebration because the national president had canceled elections several times (illegally, he has no right to do so), dismissed the incumbent (again without the right) – which was rejected by the people as was his choice to succeed. Now the people had had an election (they had to get a court injunction to stop his interference) and re-elected the same man. So it was a happy service.

It was held outdoors, with a PA system, with 1300 (my count) people in attendance. Most of the pastors of the district were there. The legal formalities were followed, the secretary read the results of the voting (2 candidates for bishop, one of whom tried to withdraw on election day. They refused him permission. The vote: 166 for Thomas Asiago Nyaguchi, 1 for his opponent, 2 spoiled). The bishop and other electees swore to accept the office on a Bible with a national court official reading the oath.

Then we had a true Lutheran celebration, we had a potluck, well the women had prepared wimby (sorghum mush), rice and various kinds of meat for a dinner afterwards. I sat with the pastors and observed a very happy, meeting and talking between pastors who have been very frustrated with the national church for a long time. I stuck to rice and meat.

The preacher for the service was 85+, the first president of the ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya). A friend sat next to me and interpreted. Jesus is the door of the sheepfold. He is like a Maasai warrior ready for a lion. He protects you. So as you serve Him and each other remember that you are in His care (He spoke a lot longer than that!) A very dynamic preacher.

I felt a bit out of place as I talked to bishops, church presidents, the leader of the church in Sundan, etc. I was asked to speak to the crowd later. I brought greetings from our state, Missouri which is pronounced almost the same as “Msuri” which means thank you, and from the Christians in Madagascar.

What is God setting me up for?