Rift Valley

Trip to Kisii Town in the rift valley. The rift valley is spectacular in the drop from the Nairobi highlands, down the switchbacks, hoping no one is coming on the curves where you pass the Matatu (non-sked bus – aggressive but poor drivers).

When we approached Kisii land the land changed. Now it was hilly, with the ground divided up into squares (rectangles) of planted ground surrounded by trees. I was told that Kisii need to farm (at least to garden) where ever they are. This ground certainly looks like it.

We dropped off our bags, drove in to meet the bishop being installed tomorrow. Then took off to find the stone carving center. I wasn't aware of the place but we found a soapstone quarry. Some people dig up rock – by hand with shovels and crowbars. They chip off the rock with crowbars and chisel prys. Then craftsmen buy the rock and hack at it with machetes. They make plates essentially with machetes.

Then came the 4:00 rain. We got to travel “red water” (not white water) on the road home as the rushing drainage off the hills cascaded over the road. Driver Jim got us through safely though.

Bummer, no internet tonite.