We left in the afternoon. To my surprise we traveled on a smooth paved highway - 75 mph. Passing is still African style, but with a wide paved road, who cares. The border town, Namanga, had the highway being worked on. I had to fill out a departure form, and then buy a Tanzania entry visa - expensive but its good for multiple entry/departures for one year.

The highway continued the same into Tanzania, while I looked eagerly to see Kilimanjaro - snow covered peak that it is. I tried to claim Meru was it but no. I was told that doesn't work that way. Besides both mountains were covered with clouds. Just before sunset it mostly cleared up. What a sight, out through the back porch of the Lutheran Hostel. The next morning, I was up early to get the perfect picture the way I was promised - I should have stayed in bed, there was no mountain visible at all, all clouds down to the ground.

If you want to climb it, it takes 5 days and $1000. So start saving, of course, there's the matter of $2000 round trip on an airplane...

We met with the Lutheran Bishop of the area who started to process of getting the Book of Concord translated into Kiswahili. There will be a dedication of the book, October 19-23, with teaching by world experts, radio broadcasts, and attenders preaching that Sunday all around. By noon we had finished that meeting, toured the Lutheran radio station, and were finally on our way. Back to the border where I was surprised to find my 1 journey Kenya visa did not need to be paid again. Another 4 hours or so and we were into Nairobi traffic. Why does the west always export its worst ideas!

Back to the rain and cold tropics.