Finnish May Day

Morning was church at the LHF center. I was asked to preach. Thomas had a problem. He knew that sin caused death, but he also knew that Jesus had not sinned. The logical conclusion is that Jesus died because of Thomas' sin. But then those reports of Jesus alive... Jesus had to seek out Thomas to convince him that Jesus death, since it was not for any sins of Jesus, had to be for the sins of others, that the sins of Thomas (who fled from Jesus' attackers in the Garden of Gethsemane) have been paid for. What a great day it is for us as it was for Thomas when we realized that the death we deserved is finished, that we have life with Jesus in His resurrection.

May first is May Day - Labor day for those not in the USA. So the Finns, Mrs May is a Finn, have a party to celebrate. We had such typical Finnish dishes as potato salad and Green Bean salad. Hot dogs and sausage was cooked by BBQ specialists. I was able to talk to a translation specialist who works for LHF about translation - something always close to our hearts, given the time we invested in training and working. The day ended with a quiz contest conducted, of course, Finnish. We were all divided up into three groups who were challenged to answer the questions correctly. Our group (orange) won with a correct answer on Finnish Grammar! I helped solidly by not saying anything. For those curious, Finland has over 200,000 lakes. So I got to hear Finnish speech - another aid to my extensive linguistic listening experience.