We went to a school garage sale in the morning. Many happy people selling and many taking advantage. The kids had a great time as they each had a small amount of money to spend. Most purchases by the girls were little stuffed dogs (they have 4 female German Shepherd puppies for sale if anyone is interested). I enjoyed looking at everything.

In the afternoon Pr May and I went to a Maasai church service. There were 2 baptisms and communion, Oh, and the stranger preached. So now I have preached to a Maasai congregation. They were dressed in traditional bright orange print blankets (cloths) and the women all had extensive bead jewelry on. A couple of the boys grabbed an empty plastic 5 gal or so container and beat time and rhythm to the hymn singing - did a good job too. The church service was on a hill top, under a tree. They have a tent for a church but it blew down and they haven't been able to reset the poles to put it back up.

The Lord keeps bringing me to new experiences. Wow!