At the Airport

I'm waiting at the airport for the plane to load. Got up at 6:30 and was ready to leave early. The kids left. Elson and Hanitra left for some shopping. Then at 8:30 when Pastor David was to take me to the airport, nobody. At nine, Elson and Hanitra returned and as we got in their car, they called Pastor David. He had small problem on the car. We got the the airport, and he called and said he was on the way. Oh well.

I got through the ticket line (no waiting), then through security. I had to fill out a paper, get it stamped, go through the machine. Talking to the guards on the other side of the machine, I talked Malagasy, we ended up friends. A little bit, goes a long way.

I found a plug in the wall, plugged in my internet dongle (got that from Steve - he couldn't get much use out of it where he is). And now I wait.

Looking forward to being home.