Mother's Grave

The Elson's left to finish some paper work in the morning then dropped off their kids at the house (where I am staying), while they went to see if they could locate mother's grave. They found the right cemetery and the book with the grave site in it. They came home for me and the kids and we set off. Drove around in Tana - which is hilly with a lot of hidden more than alleys, but not much more. We got to the cemetery and found the office, but the location papers weren't there, neither was the man they had talked to earlier.

We looked around a bit with local help but while we found many uncared for graves, this a large cemetery. It was originally the cemetery set apart for foreigners, especially including military (the French were occuping the country). Eventually the man returned, we were in the wrong part, but he brought us to the right grave. It was covered with branches of scrub bushes and vines. The local help pitched in to clean everything off, but we waited till he brought the plot papers to be sure. The cross on it had been broken off and there was no name on the flat gravestone left. We checked the other graves around against the plot and sure enough it is the right one.

The graves around it are all house type tombs, surrounding it on three sides. The other side is a path through the graveyard. It is appropriate that the other graves are Malagasy people. We arranged for the cemetery person to have the grave cleaned up and her name put on the flat gravestone where maybe it won't be lost. Parcel 59, lot 28 sold to Rolph Bolstad. Having adopted me, the Elson's promise to make sure it is kept up now.

This afternoon I was able to finish my videos with Pr Rakotonirina and even received some from Pr Vincent so Good News will have some good videos when I can arrange for them to receive them. My internet is too slow for much uploading.

Tomorrow off again.