Getting Ready to Leave

Had a long trip up from Morondava - (10 hours, although 2 were wasted eating :) ). I enjoy the food at a Madagascar "McDonalds", your choice of rice with cow meat, chicken meat, or pig. You do get a broth sauce with the chicken and they usually include a greens broth as well. Coffee is 10 cents, the meal is $1.25. Water is $.75 for a liter and a 1/2 in a bottle that is supposed to be clean. Don't think I have gotten sick yet from it.

Today, Tuesday, is rest day until 4pm since Pastor David (as they use among themselves) is busy during the day. I'll talk with him then and find out if there is anything set for the evening and/or early tomorrow morning before I leave for the airport. Elson's family is putting me up. They have taken very good care of me. God willing their 3 children will be part of our family for the next few years as they come home for the holidays. We are still waiting for God's assistance to pay for college and St. Paul's High School.

Hope to get in some shopping, otherwise my name will resemble MUD among those descendents who would get nothing but stories from me. I do appreciate the care everyone given to Mother (whom I surely miss - wish I were home now) and the prayers and thoughts you all have for us.