13 hours on the road. This time a smooth road, but long. Seeing new country though. I have never been this way in Madagascar. You go over the mountains (think road and snake) and descend a little ways into a wide plain. It is hilly but has rivers running over the bottom areas. The hills are dry but covered with grass and occasional scrub trees.

As we got towards the coastal plains the hills started having various kinds of palm trees scattered around. When we got to the coast, I could see Baobab trees close and then scattered to the horizon. Finally, as we got towards the church grounds, I could see the mudflats of low tide. In general the town of Morondava looks like Fort Dauphin did when we left (wish you were here, Karen). Sandy along side the roads, houses alongside the road with shops on the front. People everywhere. Coconut trees over everything.

Met with the woman surgeon who heads the hospital and the local Synod president. I'll get the full tour tomorrow as I am too tired to tonight to do more than post a few entries.