Broken Car

Coming to pick us up, Elson got to the next town and then had to send back to Ejeda for the hospital mechanic to come and fix the car. The next day they came in late to Tsiombe to take us up to Tana. Steve came with us, to do some errands in Tana and then go down to Ejeda to guide them in starting a Bible translation project for Mahafaly.

We traveled all day on roads a farmer would be ashamed of, to Betioky and decided to stay the night. More bad roads the next day. A 24 kilometer detour! Then as we got on the paved road, we had an expensive (well Toyota Yuris but it was brand new) car start playing tag with us. Worried that they might pretend to be police and really be bandits, we stopped in Fianarantsoa at the hospital there and got permission to use the guest house (an advantage to traveling with a doctor). The next day we got to Antsirabe, saw the Elsons's house, their half finished clinic building, and Hanitra's mother, who care for the facility for them. And then off to the mechanic to finish the job begun back near Ejeda. By late afternoon it was clear that we weren't going to make it to Tana that day, so we retired to a hotel (motel?) for the night. The car was finally finished that night and the next day was a relatively easy trip back to the land of traffic jams.

The Elson's house is very close to the church where Pastor David has his office, so I was able to talk to him and understand something of what will happen to me over Easter weekend.