Farming God's Way

Steve teaches farming using what He calls “God's Way”. He advocates using a strong cover of mulch. He tells the farmers to dig a hole for each plant and mix into the hole some fertilizer, here using cow manure but compost would fit. Then plant each plant/seed, following with a strong mulch cover. Here he tells them to use grass, it gets cut quite long, cover up to 2 feet deep over the whole field. Obviously there is room for some variety depending on how tightly the grass lies. Then wait for harvest. Don't do like I do and dig around to see if the seeds are germinating.

That's not the end though. He tells them to rotate their crops: one below ground, the next above ground, the third high; and then repeat. Below: beets, carrots, balahazo (Manioc), peanuts. Above: beans (several varieties), squash. High: Corn, Sorghum.

He and a youth group went a single lady (her husband died and she has no kids) who has to support herself. They helped her start a dried up field that she had abandoned. It was like chopping brick to get each hole started. They dug the holes, mixed the fertilizer. She planted the sorghum and they helped cut grass to cover the field. In the next 2 weeks, the wind blew the grass off and all the started sorghum died. She then planted corn in the same holes (without telling Steve). A few months later he visited her. Her house was crowded with all the beautify corn, drying. He asked, Where did this corn come from?” He knew the wind had destroyed the first crop. She replied, “I planted corn where the sorghum died.” What was amazing was that everyone else's crops had died. All the traditional crops in the area failed. She had the only success! Later, he visited her and saw no corn. “Where is your corn?” He asked. “I gave it to my neighbors for seed.” She answered.

I saw a sweet potato patch by Steve's house, covered with green leaves where others were brown and dried from the heat (before we came).