And more rain

I was promised a desert, but its really a rain forest! Its now Sunday nite, and we have been on the road since Friday. The rains continued until Wednesday and then tapered off. The Elson's tried to come to Tsiombe, but had the car break down. By the time we (Elson, Hanitra, Steve, and myself) left, the sun had dried out a lot of the road. Fort Dauphin (Tolonaro) was still closed off, so we left directly north through new country to see it and drive directly towards Antananarivo.

The traveling is extremely slow, as the driver must constantly go back and forth from one side of the road to another to avoid ruts and holes. The fords (usually cement and rock) often have holes and broken areas. Some still have water running over them. However everything has been open. The one that Steve was worried about, which often has water from rain in the mountains, was below the ford (which usually have channels under them) for the first time in weeks. God has been watching over us.

Elson is a very skillful driver so we have made good progress even if slow. Tomorrow, Monday, we should get to Antananarivo and I can find out just what God has in mind for us there. Thank you Lord for a safe trip.