We had planned to got to Fort Dauphin (Tolonaro) Sunday, stay Monday, and come back on Tuesday. But God has different plans. It has been raining since just after we got back on the bicycles (in the dark) on Saturday, through Sunday, and now all day Monday. Saturday nite the word came. The road is totally blocked with mud and trucks stuck in the mud. No one will go (taxibrousse) east to FD.

Rain, rain. How God changes our plans. Now I hope to leave on Thursday for Antananariov with Steve, Elson, and Hanitra. The plan is for them to get their paper work for the children's school done (passports, etc) and then return with Steve to Ejeda for him to guide setting up a translation program for the Mahafaly people (related to the Tandroy for whom Steve is just finishing the Bible). If anyone wants to support this translation work, I'm sure we can find a way. Now with the rain I hope the roads are clear coming from Ejeda and going North. Well God will ensure His ideas happen whatever.

The plan now is to travel (fly or drive) from Tana down to Morondava to see and talk to the seminary there. And then back up to Tana for Holy Week. The smaller seminaries desparately need help, both financial and teachers, that those like Morondava and the southern seminary at Bezaha.

Looks like, after all our planning, I won't get to Fort Dauphin. Can't get there from here. But I am content. If my initial plans had gone through, there wouldn't be a chance for a Mahafaly translation program. God still has to get the right people together and provide a little financial support, but He has done so much already that I am sure He will provide. I am content. I came here to do God's work. If it isn't what I thought, that's all right. Praise the Lord.