Unable to get onto internet. Tried several ways with Steve connections. None of them recognized my machine, so I will get emails and blogs updated when I get to Tolonara (Fort Dauphin).

Rode a bicycle out to a village – fortunately not one very far away. I am sore and ready to import a motorcycle with me wherever I go in the future. We visited a village where the local shaman (son of a Christian) had asked Steve to stop by (they had met on the road). His mother is a Christian, the only Christian in the village. They looked around for a suitable meeting place, finally decided on the school cafeteria. (To get help with food for the school children, they have to build a separate building for the feeding.) The seats are logs across supports, some have a flat higher surface, I assume for food. The roof is a thin layer of straw, the sky is visible. This isn't all that bad, since the last three months are the first rain in three years.

Steve started with the story Jesus told about the king separating the sheep and goats. He asked, “Why and how did the king separate them?” Based on their own knowledge of sheep and goats the answer is “The sheep know and follow the master. Goats always go their own way.” Basically, you have to tie up a goat and drag him where you want him to go! Thus they separate themselves based on their behavior. The sheep are those who live in Jesus and follow His ways. The goats, in the story, are people who, while in the church, do not follow Jesus but do their own thing. Learn something new from the Bible every day!

Steve read from the Bible the story of Abraham and Isaac (I could follow along the text, but wouldn't have understood if I hadn't known the story). He then talked about the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. After he finished talking, he was asked “What if I sacrifice a bull or a sheep, like the muslims are doing?” Steve asked, “If you were King of everything and sacrificed your son for people, would you be happy with someone who said that His sacrifice was not enough?”
I made it back on the bicycle in the dark, on a sandy and rocky road. God was good enough to spare me any crashes. He is good!