Found the ocean here, closer to Tolonaro. We took a side trip, Elson, Hanitra, the local Deputy to Madagascar congress, myself, and Steve's John. We traveled through piles of sand, to Faux Cap right on the sea. Walked down to the beach. There is a barrier reef about a hundred yards out, so perfect swimming with the waves splashing up on the reefs. Calm, shallow inside. No swimming suit, along. But pictures and the feeling of being at home.

Good to see and talk with Steve. He is very busy talking with sick people and dispensing advice; going over the Old Testament the 7th time. He says they are getting to the end since they have very few changes this time through. The “schedule” is to finish the text in a “month”. Then of course there is a big need for money to publish the whole bible. I'm excited because this frees him up to help those interested in translation for the neighboring tribes, as well as giving the locals the whole truth.

Bible translation story: When they had finished the Gospel of John, a couple of years ago, one his language experts brought it out to a village. He asked the people to gather so they did according to custom. He just took out the Gospel and started to read. Nobody said anything, they just listened. By half way through, he is getting tired of reading and stops. Immediately the leading men, “Asked why are you stopping? For 40 years people have come here, reading from a black book. We never understood anything in it, but nodded to be polite. Now can understand what you are reading. Don't you dare stop.” So he finished the Gospel. There were 30 people ready right there to form a congregation! God's ways are not our ways – as high as the heavens are above the earth … Isaiah 55.