Another Day Filled by God

This morning chapel was a continuation of Q/A. What about Christians whose lives don't reflect their being Christians? What was the first religion, Christianity or the pagan? (Think of Adam). What about communion for sinners? Good questions, including the one where I told the question asker he had just answered his own question! He and the rest dissolved in laughter.

In the afternoon, 2 pastor's wives came by so that Hanitra could translate Sonja's letter to her "Sisters in the Lord". They are very happy at the thoughts and will be replying tomorrow. Thank you Sonja. They come up when Hanitra was finishing her laundry, so we worked at conversing together. They proved quite adept at figuring out what I was trying to say. Thank you ladies for being kind and working my limited and broken Malagasy (not to mention being a mishmash of 2 different dialects).

Dr Elson was adding surgeries today to get done before he (and Hanitra) take me to Tsiombe to see Steve. The days are very full.