Church and Travel

Last night they asked me to preach on Sunday morning, and then asked me to assist for communion. So I asked for the text for the day, and did not sleep well. However, Dr Elson translated well, I made it through the sermon, the auction (for offerings of plant products), the offerings walk around the altar, and 400 or so communicants. After church we waited an hour for a 10 minute meeting and then had lunch with the local pastor, his wife, and one of the 2 other doctors on staff here. The reports back said they understood and liked the sermon.

Then we left to go see a Christian family, besieged by the devil. He and his family are strong Christians, leaders in the Church there. Thieves came by during Church. stole his cows and cleaned out his house. His family taunted him, "What is this Jesus doing for you? Where are your cows?" We were bringing a few cloths and the comfort of fellow Christians.

When we got there, there a lot of men there. It seems the cows have to be returned (the government insists). We didn't want to be part of the problem, so we stopped at the Christian's house (left some cloths for the family), showed that Christians are family around the world, and slid back home. Slid, because it had rained and the road was red mud!

The Synod here is delighted to realize that they haven't been forgotten by the Americans. They are happy to talk theology and to be fellow Christians. The darkness is still strong here, hundreds of thousands who don't know our Lord. Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out more workers. The seminary graduates an approximate average of 15 pastors a year. Not nearly enough. There is room here for other Christians to join in supporting the work of the seminary - by coming and teaching and by scholarships for seminarians.

I am hearing myself preaching in the background. Dr Elson is going to translate one of my past sermons for the FM radio the hospital maintains for the community 100 miles around, in the local dialect.