The Joy of God's Word

I keep having the privilege of talking about God and His Word. People are just not aware of the fact that he did it all. They keep looking for Him in glory and power and forget that the cross is not a symbol of power, at least not to the world. What a joy you see when they realize that it is true, in loss and failure is when we see God clearest.

I have visited a well digging where they were testing the water source - it was too small, so they decided to dig a further yard deep. The man checking the hose (to expel the water) had a great look as he realized the water was coming and his face was right there. He did escape a great picture. We visited a small project of Dr Elson, a school teacher in a village for 120 children (ages 5-16 judging by looking at the students). He runs 4 2-hour classes a day. $600 dollars a year if anyone wants a mission project. He is a Christian and so provides a witness to the truth also.

On the way back, we visited a King (the Panjaka for the Mahafaly tribe). He has the presence of a ruler. He is a pagan, in charge of pagan sacrifices. He has heard the gospel I am told, but is afraid to stop performing the sacrifices. I don't know if the fear is of the ancestors, of a loss of income, or a loss of position (maybe). Pray God's Word to move his heart.

I continue to be impressed with the Malagasy singing, both church and secular. I hope to bring back church choirs singing for encouragement for all of us.