Visa extension

Again God's great hand is over us. This morning we thought we had a short visit to the police headquarters to extend my visa. Oops. They require 4 pictures, photocopies of receipts for money changed, photocopies of passport & entry visa, a certification from the hotel that I was staying there, oh, and a photocopy of my US ID (drivers license). Who would have thought that that driver's license would be useful in Madagascar? And a $40 fee.

The bank looked at my card and said, “It won't work.” We went outside and I saw an ATM (at the same bank) I went up to it and sure enough it asked for my pin and processed it. Got enough to pay for my hotel stay.

Eventually, I got my visa, but it ended up taking most of the day. Travel across town to the office. Travel back to get the hotel certification. Lunch, since we figured the office wasn't working over lunch hour anyway. Back to bring everything there. Wait for processing. They were kind enough to finish it today so we could leave in the morning – if Dr Elson's hospital business can get done in time. He meant to do it this afternoon, but probably can't get it done. Thank you Dr. Elson for your help, I don't think I could have gotten the extension without help.