God Brings Excitement

With God you never know just what to expect, except that it will be good. After meeting Dr Elson on Sunday at church, he and his family came to visit me and talk about the hospital at Edjeda and the need they for his children. He is a missionary in a forgotten part of Madagascar. Doing without the salary is one thing, but parents want their children to have the best. We talked about St. Paul in Concordia, MO and other options. One reason God has given me to be here is to help them have some direction.

Pastor Rakotonirina is sick, fever and exhaustion. I saw him, today he thanked me again for helping out Sunday. looked sick, but not dangerous. But since he obviously cannot worry about what I should do, Dr Elson asked that I go with him to Edjeda and then to see Steve.

The present plan is that I will go down to Edjeda on the day after tomorrow, Wednesday with Dr Elson and his wife. I will spend time at Edjeda seeing what he is doing and how the hospital is reaching out to the community. He has shown pictures of a school they have started: 120 kids (jr high age +) being taught to read - 30 at a time with a blackboad as the only school (under a tree). Being Androy (actually Mahafaly people) there is seldom a problem with rain. The teacher is paid $50 a month. If you know anyone who wants a mission project, here is one. The hospital is also the only one for a long distance that will take people who cannot pay.

I will spend a week or so there, then go to Steve's with 2 weeks for him and Fort Dauphin. Then fly back up, Pastor Rakotonirina will meet me there, and then I will, for example, visit Morondava - they have promised a car to drive me down.

Two days ago I hadn't a clue about when or how I would go south. Now God has arranged it all.