Introduction to the trip to Madagascar 2011

Late in 2010, I received an invitation to travel to Madagascar, to visit the church there (Fiangonona Loterana Malagasy), to visit my homeland (where I grew up, and to visit the work Steve Lellelid is doing in southwest Madagascar among the Tandroy people. Things quickly solidified, plans were made, family notified, preparations completed.

Then life got even more interesting. God does things His ways. I was asked in February to serve a church in Wildwood (St Pauls Lutheran Church) as vacancy pastor for the month just before I left for Madagascar. They are a great congregation and I honored to have had the opportunity to serve them. While I was there, one them mentioned my presence and traveling to Madagascar to Pastor Schultz, of the Good News Magazine. He asked to meet with me and asked me to make a couple of meeting for Good News and Lutheran Heritage Foundation. So I gained a couple of more excuses for the trip at the last moment.

I am documenting the trip, a bit, on the blog. Here I am planning to put some pictures so that you can see more of that wonderful country, Madagascar, and share some of the places I have gone.

Antsirabe Hospital
Lutheran Medical Team
Town scenes
Highland country scenes