One appointment

Wednesday I met with Pastor Rakotarisoa from the Anglican church here Antananarivo. We basically said "Hello". I delivered to him some material from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, the letters of introduction for the Archbishop, and a request for a video interview from Good News Magazine. He took my proposed questions for the interview and said he would get back in a couple of weeks.

Pastor Rakotonirina is changing parishes from the seminary to a church in Antananarivo, quite a ways away, so he is busy. He found someone who could help me around town, Duda, but he is working full time at the Lutheran hospital here. Thus I have been mostly writing and observing Antananarivo.

The weather is spring cold. It is rainy season and the sky is covered quite well with clouds, although there hasn't been much rain this week. I can't see the stars though. Wait til I get down south, less city light there too.