On with time

Monday was rest day as Pastor Rakotonirina is not feeling well and needed the rest - besides several duties as well. I downloaded all the pictures onto the computer and generally did nothing.

It is quite cold here - everyone wears long pants and long sleeve shirts. I can't wait to get to Tolonaro, it was to be warmer there!

This morning (March 15, 2011) I went with Pastor to the local Lutheran Hospital, and toured the grounds. I got there during the morning chapel talk from the Chaplin. I could see from the board that he was talking about leaving God's ways through Yoga and other related Hindu teachings. Then I was introduced and had to say a few words. There are several people who trained at Manambaro and who were familiar with Dad, at least by reading about him in the hospital records.

Rolph, they are ready for you to come and help them! I saw a lady waiting on cataract surgery and another in the operating room. You can keep busy for a long time :) . I told them that you had to pay for schooling first. They understood that well. Girls, you would love the nursing opportunities, especially when they go on clinics out to the villages. We had one baby come in too late - say her anyway. Pneumonia. Also plenty of public health training needed.

I met with the local pastor for the Anglican Church, who uses (and helps produce) the Good News Magazine. I delivered some books and copies of the magazine to him and asked him if I could video an interview with him. He will find time, probably during Holy Week. I will also interview pastor Rakotonirina. We'll see how my next career as movie maker goes.