5 hr church

Up at 6:30 to go to church. Duda, who is guiding me around, thought I would need breakfast. So we waited for about an hour for church to start. A bit cold. Everyone is wearing long pants.

Church started with a Bible class from 8:30 to 9:30. It was more of a devotional service, although Pastor Rakotonirina did address the youth from the pulpit. The Sunday school choir is fantastic. If I can ever figure out how to get the internet to let me do something, I will post some of the songs for youall. Church itself then lasted til 1:30. After the sermon, there were announcements followed by an auction (things donated to the church – mostly food and baskets) The congregation enjoyed the auction, ribbing each other and delighting in the money for the church. Communion had four pastors
serving, 2 on each half of the semicircular railing. They hand out silver cups to use – 4 to 6 times larger than ours, but they are then filled from the altar chalice.

I was introduced and brought greetings from you all. There was a lady there from Manambaro (the youngest daughter of Abela – Karen do you remember him, the language teacher?) She told how she was sick and dying. For 2 months nothing could help. Finally dad sent to America for one last hope. One pill and she was better, 2 she was healing, 3 and she was well. I was told that his reputation was like God – if he couldn't heal you you were already dead!

Internet at the hotel only works after midnight. Sigh. But I am fine and looking forward to completing some of my tasks this week.