Back in Tana

OK I got tired and couldn't get on the internet so I just went to bed. Custom on the clinic team has been to get up with coffee early in the morning, so I followed suit.

Now it is March 12, my computer is switched over to Madagascar time, so I know what time it is. Today I got on the internet at the hotel, but it is very slow, so I went to a cybercafe worked with them for an hour or so. Better but still slow. The hosting company for my website and email was apparently down, so I didn't get my email or my blog updated there. Sigh.

Tomorrow is church at Pastor Rakotonirina's new church in Antananarivo. He has been very busy so we have not talked a lot about what I am going to do. This week though we will be trying to visit the Anglicans who use “Good News” magazine and the church president for Good News and the LHF. In addition I hope to get my visa extended to 60 days.

Glad to have contacted Ingrid and know she is safe. God is intervening in the world, but I don't know yet where it will all end. It was a real treat to talk to my wife (love you Karen) on a phone from the hospital.

The team left on Friday so I am alone with the Lord, not a bad place to be. Pastor Rakotonirina has located a member of his church to guide me around the city so I can find my way back (!) and just be generally safe.

Tomorrow I will attend church at Pastor Rakotonirina's church and then move to a cheaper hotel near him, although $20 a night isn't all that high. I am eating Malagasy every chance I get.

Oh, the caps are very popular, although I could not give out many since I am not teaching at the original seminary. Still the students who came to see me, our national interpreters – including several nurses and a medical student, and the pastors at the churches hosting the clinics have all expressed thanks and appreciation for them.