Frist Travel

Woke up early during the nite – rain on the roof. Another blessing I have missed in USA. Dr Harrison and his wife are convinced I'm a Malagasy because I speak 4 or 5 words. Well some is coming back.

Primary job today was a trip to Antsirabe. We drove down a mountain road (all twisty)for 3 hours, of which the first hour was still in Antananarivo. I love watching the people on the road and farming. This is mostly paddy rice country, but some of the uphill spots had corn and even vegetables. The hills are terraced as high as gravity feed will supply them with water. Now I'm thinking of windmills to lift water up. Even an Archimedes Screw would enable higher elevations to be planted which in turn would supply more income to the people.

There are 4 men and 3 women on the Medical Mission Team. We will serve with local helpers, the hospital doctor (Dr Harrison), and other hospital workers. This is a clinic visit so mostly its take a health report, decide what they need, and process them through the pharmacy area. I am assigned to assist in pharmacy, counting pills, making packages, or whatever.

The hospital is a general hospital with surgery, OB, and a lot of pediatrics. Dr Harrison's wife is our travel arranger and host at the guest house. Pastor Rakotonirina is staying in Antananarivo for the weekend as he has to preach there tomorrow.

All of us are close to dead on our feet with the time changes.