Mamy ny Mody

TSA,St Louis (MO) to NY city; change terminals; TSA NY city to Paris, France. A long flight shared with an Italian programmer (works with Microsoft); and an ex-German lady visiting home in Bremen for the first time in 15 years – for her mother's funeral. Time with God to establish a relationship, enough so that one or the other might write and ask about God sometime, in His good time. Thanks Mom for the business cards along.

Wait in the terminal for 4 ½ hours. Figure out that the 15 minutes free wifi they advertize are just to get you a chance to buy time on line. Got an hour so could tell home that I am alive. Eventually got on the plane, met “Elena”, sorry Elena but she pronounces it wrong, she is 14 visiting her father an Italian UN man working in Madagascar. Oh, and visiting Tana where she went to the Embassy school last year (to see her friends). We talked much of the way (mostly her), reviewed her English essay assignment and generally passed the time.

At Tana, Mamy ny mody (Sweet is the coming home!). We got off the plane to good summer weather – the coat was indeed useful on the plane, Mom. As I got to the end of the visa line, I greeted the man with once again{M n m}. He responded in Malagasy, smiled and said to the next lady, the visa writer, here's an American Malagasy and thus pushed the visa right through, no problem. When I finally found my bags (yipee, they are not in Novosibirsk!), I went through the custom's line. I told him I was here as “professora Antsirabe” and he waved me by.

Its great to be home and see how God watches over everything.

Pastor Rakotonirina finally found me, brought me out to the car to join the Medical Mercy Team from Lutheran World Relief, brought us all over to the Ivato Hotel (Ivato is the name for the airport). Oh, it was now 2 in the morning (in Antananarivo). Today, Saturday the 5th we travel to Antsirabe and get ready for what we do the rest of the week.

Still no vary (rice). Pastor's wife and family are very nice. I think we will make a lasting relationship.