One last Night

Morning we presented a mission talk for the children at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Fenton (MO). Everyone seemed to listen and enjoy what they heard. Emma was the star as she modeled for "Fatu" a typical African girl. She wore a wraparound dress (Fold out not in) and a head-tie. Fortunately, head-tie was poufy and up high so we knew she was in a good mood. She put her baby (doll) on her back, without dropping her, holding her head high to keep the fanner (or basket) with her groceries and purse up on top. She showed the secret - a 'kata' - a cloth wrapped into a doughnut shape (no African women do not have square heads to let them carry things up there!).

This evening has been goodbyes as family gathered at our house for rice and chicken prepared by Mrs. Akpan yesterday. Kids crawling all over. What a blessing God has given us with our family.