Malachi 3:10

God does pour out the blessings, much more than we can imagine. We had suggested that if someone wanted to help out prepare for the trip to Madagascar, that we could use a few caps, since we had observed last time we were in Africa that locals loved them. Today we received over 100 with more coming. Now we were worrying about how to bring all of them. We were carefully calculating space and weight in our suitcase. So I looked up the cabin luggage (a bag and an accessory - purse or computer bag) which is limited to 26 lbs. But while I was looking, I checked on the baggage suitcase limit - which I carefully researched online before to be 1. Lo and behold, the website at Air France now says 2 suitcases. I didn't believe my eyes, so I called into Delta (the first carrier on the trip - to NY). The lady took my reservation ID, found me and assured me that my limit is 2 suitcases (50 lbs each) plus the cabin 2. Now I wonder what God has in mind for us to bring - doubling our capacity. I'm sure that He will fill it up. He keeps His word!