not much put on

I had a whole entry blown away. sigh. the internet here on zain sudan is very slow and lost my whole entry. Normally I can't post anything. I will post several entries when I get to Nairobi on the 24th. I'm at a cyber cafe right now, but Karen has priority :)

South Sudan is extremely hot now as the rains approach. the dust is still blowing and carboned bits of grass blow as people burn off their fields for planting. I drink what seems like continually. But through it all I enjoy the heat. I just imagine st louis and I get real comfy...

Teaching keeps going while I sing hymns with the students in the afternoons. this is their chance to learn melodies, since the school needs a keyboard. (anyone want to contribute one, with transportation costs?). Incidentally, I put together a book (Christians Teach) (by Jacobs, Luther, and a small part for me) for the students as a textbook, cost me $9.00 a book to have 100 printed - $5.00 more as extra baggage to Africa. Getting literature printed is one of the problems for the church here. now I am working on an Arabic translation. I will be able to print it as an ebook but don't know if I can find to money to print more than 10 or so. sigh.

the roads are red clay here. I am concerned about what they are like in the rains (seems like they would resemble ice), but meanwhile, if anyone remembers (as I don't) the flat track race days you get the picture. Oh, and the main vehicles you see as 125cc motorcycles. Where's a V-Storm when you need one?