OK, I'm teaching now. My books couldn't come with me - we hadn't mentioned enough weight when scheduling with MAF, so I started talking about Luther's Small Catechism. It was quickly apparent that they were not familiar with it, although they had copies (the most recent LCMS one). So I have begun going through the 10 commandments and their meanings.

There is a certain amount of language problems. After all, this is the beginning class for a 4 year program. They have English training but South Sudan is starting everything from scratch. Besides the English taught in Africa is British English with a British accent which is then modified by the Africans to the way they think it should be done. So I sometimes have trouble understanding them - and they are getting used to me and my speech.

The class has a wide variety of backgrounds - from straight out of High School to practicing pastor. They are a couple who come from an area where Arabic is the trade language and their English is quite poor. I told the administration here that that would be fine if the other students took to burden of making sure they hear and understand the lectures.

As we finish January, we are through Baptism and will soon, tomorrow or the next day complete the catechism and begin on the text book. The books came on the next flight but by then I realized we should start on the Catechism first. I still am wondering about the philosophy involved in "Dogmatics" but we will see.