South Sudan

I arrived on the plane. Several stops on the puddle jumper but no real problems. Saw a set pf termite mounds on one airport with mushroom heads. Couldn't get out to look at them closely. Not sure if they chopped away leaving a hat or if that is what those termites do. First time I ever heard of such a thing.

Yombio is in West Equatoria State which is the center of a dust bowl right now. Apparently that is normal between rainy seasons. I was met, praise the Lord, and they drove right to the church HQ where the seminary is. The buildings are of brick with cement mortar and a tin roof. I notice that builder here in Africa will tie two beams together with nails or even metal straps if the beams are not long enough. I wonder how long it will be before one of those beams fails?!

I went right to work teaching that afternoon. There isn't that much time available. The end of February is coming.

but I'm here. PTL