Got up about 7, took a bath and then packed. Had a small breakfast. Talked with Pr May for a while and then his driver took me to the airport. No problems, although I paid for extra weight. Flew over the country side. enjoyed seeing all the different pieces of Kenya and then Lake Victoria. landed in Entebbe, Uganda.

Hmm, no one to meet me. Find a proforma invoice which lists a number for MAF. Information calls them, can't understand them - too much noise, too little hearing. Information insists I have to use a cell phone to call them. As I try to figure out how this is supposed to work - I am sure she didn't believe that I didn't have a cell phone or want to buy one for one call - a taxi driver offers to use his phone to help me. Eventually we get a hold of MAF, they tell me to come.

So we go to the airport. Nope wrong place. We go to the HQ, nope wrong place. But at least the lady calls over to the guesthouse. Am I booked? NO. Is there room YES. Then we travel to the guesthouse. I end up paying half again for the taxi ride. I do need to get the process down on paper for the next people coming!

so here I am waiting for 6 am again to leave for South Sudan.