Tanzanian Sunday

We traveled by bus to the church location, then rode motorcycle taxi over to the church. The chairs are all the white plastic arm chairs we buy for the patio. Here they keep them in their houses and bring them up on Sunday - no hardwood pews! Again pr Atunga translated as I preached from Mark 1:43 ff on vocation. Pr Atunga is very good, although I threw him a couple of times. There are many words in English with no equivalent in Kiswahili.

We hurried back to the road. Grabbed a taxi to Arusha, waited til 2pm, the buses run on a schedule, and left for Nairobi. Back through the entrance and exit procedures. Stopped a different tourist trap, then rolled on home. Saw a set of Zebras and a couple of gazelles (with a single dark bar on their sides) right by the road. Didn't have my camera ready though. Didn't expect to see anything as there were farms scattered along the road. Got into the compound at dusk - and the woman with the key had left. So the guard called her, everyone has a cellphone and she came back about 1l2 hour later to open the house so I could get in and go to bed. Oh, and then the power was off. Went to sleep, woke up when the power came on and talked to Karen - and extra blessing.