Wedding Preaching

Saturday we visited Pr Klovis' church. In the morning, we visited his school for disadvantaged children. He has about 200 who come on Saturday for extra academic help and nutritional meals. They have students from 1st grade through High School and are ready to send some to college. They are supported by an NGO athough money can be sent directly to him. I said I would tell people about it if he would supply the support information. We'll see.

I talked to the students from the steps of the church. They listened attentively. While they study English, Pr Atunga translated for me. When I told them a little about myself, they all cheered the 10 kids. A universal reaction here in Africa.

Then the wedding came. I preached in English (again they understood English but for the church members attending (around 60) Pr Atunga translated). If anyone is interested I hope to get that recording on line for you all to listen to. This was a privilege.

We hurried over to the U to hear the last half of the music program. Some interesting African dances, a couple of very good choir numbers, a latin duet (Vivaldi), and a country western - Lucille. Again I found a chance to volunteer some help with internet getting some hymn work they have put together for the Lutheran church in Tanzania.