This time to Tanzania

We, myself and my leader, Pr Atunga, took a bus. Got up at 6 am (well I woke at 3 and didn't dare go back to sleep. No watch or clock!), took a taxi ride down town to get on the bus. Had a breakfast at an African breakfast cafe. Eggs and bread - wish I could drink tea, thats available everywhere, you can even get it black (without milk) although milk is the default.

This time the land quickly became sandy with thorny desert plants. As we approached Tanzania, we could see mountains. We went under mt Meru which is close but not Kilimanjaro. Just before the border they stop at a tourist trap for lunch and a bathroom break. we usually carry a liter and a half bottle of water each for drinking during the day - and I finish it easily. I had chips and chicken. I usually can't finish all the chips.

At the border its just paper work. I have to fill out a departure paper for Kenya and an entry paper for Tanzania. Last year they insisted on giving me a year visa, so nothing to do but be stamped this time. Samuel changes money.

We got into Arusha (our target) at about 2 pm. Then grab a taxi out to Makurimera University (part of the Tanzania Lutheran church education system) to try to talk to the graduate registrar and maybe the dean of advanced studies. Go from one office to the next. No one is in. We leave my book with the research secretary and give up. But we have met one of Samuel's friends - Pastor Klovis. He has a 200 member church just outside the school, and is in charge of a large set of school agriculture projects. He invites me to preach at his church but Samuel has already arranged for the Sunday service down the road a bit.

We to to bed in Ndessa Safari Lodge - a place put together by a policeman as a business opportunity. He seems to have about 8 rooms and to be more than half full all the time. Mosquito nets are the rule here in East Africa. The beds are a bit short but lying kiddie corner usually solves that. Flush toilets and running water are always nice.