A great Sunday

God's Word is always a great experience. Of course, its a bit different when you are preaching the Word, but that Word is for you, the preacher, as well. Its good to remember that He is in charge. Then God is reminding us again with a spectacular weather pattern tonite. Tornadoes in February!

A great time with the family tonite as most came by for pancakes and to say "fare well". Everyone is ready for spring and talking about summer plans. One family has offered us suitcases to handle the extra carry capacity that God told us about last nite. Life is exciting living with Him.

Malachi 3:10

God does pour out the blessings, much more than we can imagine. We had suggested that if someone wanted to help out prepare for the trip to Madagascar, that we could use a few caps, since we had observed last time we were in Africa that locals loved them. Today we received over 100 with more coming. Now we were worrying about how to bring all of them. We were carefully calculating space and weight in our suitcase. So I looked up the cabin luggage (a bag and an accessory - purse or computer bag) which is limited to 26 lbs.

Starting Out

As I'm getting ready to leave for Madagascar, I remain very awed at how God prepares everything and blocks all the efforts of the devil. The latest events say that the first week in Antsirabe I will be assisting with a Medical Mercy Team (from LCMS World Relief). Then its off to teach for a couple of weeks - and who knows yet.

In one sense it seems late to be getting my schedule together, but better thought of as letting God decide what is going to happen. What a joy it is to go with the flow. Seek ye first the kingdom of God ...


Sermons preached by Pastor Arthur Bolstad. They date from various years and portions of the church year.

As you can see below, my intention is to list them by church year (which is a hint to their topic). I also want to list them sequentially and topically, especially the special season services (Wednesday night, and such). However, it will take a while to get all that done - I have to listen to each sermon to remember the particulars. So for the moment use the sequential pages where you can find them and determine for yourself their topic and value.

In Christ,

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