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The Joy of God's Word

I keep having the privilege of talking about God and His Word. People are just not aware of the fact that he did it all. They keep looking for Him in glory and power and forget that the cross is not a symbol of power, at least not to the world. What a joy you see when they realize that it is true, in loss and failure is when we see God clearest.

Sunday, a rest day

Slept the night, rested, and thought. I wasn't up to church this morning, stomach almost all right, but … Moved over to my host's house, with a room for me. Wore out the battery on the computer, looking on line for whatever. Got some mail sent. Laid down for a couple of hours.

It is nice to be feeling like Madagascar - hot and sweating. Love it! Taking pictures of lots of plants, but the connection here is slow, so can't upload pictures yet. Eventually. Missing everyone.


Coming down off the mountains was something else. We slept in Ambositra got up early and took off. The road is classic mountain road, twisty, going up and down. The countryside gradually changed – Antananarivo and Antsirabe are broad valleys between relatively low mountains. As we went south the mountains got steeper and valleys narrow. They were still filled with rice fields, but the fields tended to climb up the hills wherever a spring was coming out of the mountain.

A long ride

Arrived in Ambositra for supper: A long day, after a late start. I got everything packed ready to go and waited. Dr Elson was stuck in traffic. I began to wonder if I was still in St. Louis. :) Eventually we got started. Traffic was present but not bad as Dr. Elson knew a less traveled way of out Antananarivo.

Visa extension

Again God's great hand is over us. This morning we thought we had a short visit to the police headquarters to extend my visa. Oops. They require 4 pictures, photocopies of receipts for money changed, photocopies of passport & entry visa, a certification from the hotel that I was staying there, oh, and a photocopy of my US ID (drivers license). Who would have thought that that driver's license would be useful in Madagascar? And a $40 fee.

God Brings Excitement

With God you never know just what to expect, except that it will be good. After meeting Dr Elson on Sunday at church, he and his family came to visit me and talk about the hospital at Edjeda and the need they for his children. He is a missionary in a forgotten part of Madagascar. Doing without the salary is one thing, but parents want their children to have the best. We talked about St. Paul in Concordia, MO and other options. One reason God has given me to be here is to help them have some direction.

Sunday Worship

I left about 7 AM this morning to go to church. Jeremy guided me on the bus, we had no exchanges on the way, but still took about an hour to travel. We got to church and Pastor David Rakotonirina wasn't there yet so we sat outside in the occasional misty rain, greeted people and just enjoyed the outdoors. The catechist came and greeted us, insisted that I was a missionary. OK I won't argue long!

Visiting the FLM President

Today I got an invitation to meet the FLM (Malagasy Lutheran Church) President Pastor Modesto. He is a very gracious man who remembers my father (indeed was treated by him as a young man). I am truly blessed by all the people in the FLM who remember him with pleasure. They are all excited to hear that he is still alive and to receive his greetings.

One appointment

Wednesday I met with Pastor Rakotarisoa from the Anglican church here Antananarivo. We basically said "Hello". I delivered to him some material from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, the letters of introduction for the Archbishop, and a request for a video interview from Good News Magazine. He took my proposed questions for the interview and said he would get back in a couple of weeks.

On with time

Monday was rest day as Pastor Rakotonirina is not feeling well and needed the rest - besides several duties as well. I downloaded all the pictures onto the computer and generally did nothing.

It is quite cold here - everyone wears long pants and long sleeve shirts. I can't wait to get to Tolonaro, it was to be warmer there!

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