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Home again

Air flight is long and boring - and the seats on the bigger planes are too small to sleep in. Must bring at least 2 books for the long flights! but I'm home.
WeHad a great time meeting Karen at the airport and then trying to identify my suitcase on the ring around. Oh well, found it eventually. We got home, unpacked everything for sharing. The first in got to see everything, but everyone seemed to enjoy the evening although I fell asleep for 11 hours relatively early in the evening.


I am living in the work center for LHF in Africa. The compound contains 4 buildings all made of heavy concrete blocks. 2 of them are rented to others (by the owner, LIA is only a renter here) , one is the Director's house (Pr James May), and the biggest is the work center. There are meeting rooms, a chapel, offices, kitchen, laundry, and room for 15 guests (or as planned, 15 students). The climate is high plateau, cool and this is the rainy season, so flowers are everywhere.

Getting Ready

Visited the United Bible Society today. Bought 20 Greek new Testaments, 2 Greek Old Testaments (LXX), and 18 Hebrew Old Testaments. They are for the Mahafaly translators in Ejeda and the rest for the seminary in Morondava, so the students can have a real language book in hand when studying Biblical languages. Now to find someone traveling from here to there ... Extra weight on an airplane is cheaper than airmail and safer than regular snail mail.

Back Nairobi

Get up early. Have some nestle's poor quality hot chocolate for breakfast (along with a fried egg and a sausage). Then pack the car, check the room for lost items, and off. No pictures since the batteries wore out yesterday at the installation, but up the rift valley wall were some spectacular views that had been obscured by fog on the way down.


Sunday worship started at 10:30 – ended at 4 PM when the rain started (as it always does at 4). It was installation time for the Bishop (district president) of the southwest diocese. This is the Kisii people place with about 50% of the Lutherans in Kenya. It was a big celebration because the national president had canceled elections several times (illegally, he has no right to do so), dismissed the incumbent (again without the right) – which was rejected by the people as was his choice to succeed.

Rift Valley

Trip to Kisii Town in the rift valley. The rift valley is spectacular in the drop from the Nairobi highlands, down the switchbacks, hoping no one is coming on the curves where you pass the Matatu (non-sked bus – aggressive but poor drivers).

When we approached Kisii land the land changed. Now it was hilly, with the ground divided up into squares (rectangles) of planted ground surrounded by trees. I was told that Kisii need to farm (at least to garden) where ever they are. This ground certainly looks like it.


We left in the afternoon. To my surprise we traveled on a smooth paved highway - 75 mph. Passing is still African style, but with a wide paved road, who cares. The border town, Namanga, had the highway being worked on. I had to fill out a departure form, and then buy a Tanzania entry visa - expensive but its good for multiple entry/departures for one year.

Finnish May Day

Morning was church at the LHF center. I was asked to preach. Thomas had a problem. He knew that sin caused death, but he also knew that Jesus had not sinned. The logical conclusion is that Jesus died because of Thomas' sin. But then those reports of Jesus alive... Jesus had to seek out Thomas to convince him that Jesus death, since it was not for any sins of Jesus, had to be for the sins of others, that the sins of Thomas (who fled from Jesus' attackers in the Garden of Gethsemane) have been paid for.


We went to a school garage sale in the morning. Many happy people selling and many taking advantage. The kids had a great time as they each had a small amount of money to spend. Most purchases by the girls were little stuffed dogs (they have 4 female German Shepherd puppies for sale if anyone is interested). I enjoyed looking at everything.


Had a nice plane trip. Sat on the aisle so didn't see any. Kenya Airways steward(ess)s were polite and competent. We were even served a hot meal and a drink. Airport was more fun, as I hadn't gotten a phone number, and Pr May couldn't find a parking space. Eventually he got in, searched for and found me.

I disposed of my extras to his family. The kids love me know :) , all that is except for the baby who is still afraid of me. I think he was talking to Aria. :)

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