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Nairobi again

On the road again, this time on wide tar roads. Very much like US except that everyone drives on the wrong side. Oh, and there is no nonsense like leaving the shoulder unused. Two lanes can easily accommodate 4 lines of traffic, which is sometimes a little unnerving when there is approaching traffic! We made it fine, I got home and a hot tub. Great. A special blessing was being able to Skype with Karen.

Kitui 2

I am beginning to feel that the jetlag adjustment has been made. Got up when I heard them Muslim call to worship at dawn. We ate and soon got on the road. Wait for a matatu back to Kisasi; listen to jokes about the crowded conditions by everyone in the car, and finally get to our target location.


Breakfast in the morning, and then a walk to the "bus station", a place by the road where the matatus would stop. Today we traveled on a matatu bus. There were places for about 40 passengers, who could maintain a constant good humored conversation. Samuel (Pastor Atunga) and myself could talk while watching the countryside.


On the 10th we traveled to Kibwezi. Took a Matatu. This is a non-scheduled bus. Most seem to be 9 passenger vans, one we traveled on had 15 people in it. The conductor (their word, a man who collects the money for the driver) rode in the boot or in our family terminology, in the back back. I had a fascinating ride, looking over the country, hearing our fellow travelers talk, and discussing everything from US politics to our families with my leader Pastor Atunga.

Pictures and

Sunday at LIA

I spent Saturday visiting Resurrection Gardens, a Catholic retreat center, featuring mosaic and bronze frieze representation of the Gospel. Roughly half on Jesus life and the other covering the stations of the cross. Very well done, with appropriate Bible passages by each one, surrounded by well kept grass, flowers, and trees. Through everything you could hear the birds singing.


Here I am in Kenya, freezing! The temperature is not really freezing, but its cold enough that I wear my long pants and jacket. The good news is that they tell me that South Sudan is hot and humid. Maybe I won't be cold there.

I've given copies of the textbook to the workers here (3 pastors). They have appreciated what they have seen initially. I have mostly just talked with them, taken pictures around the building, and rested up. My body is full jet lag, which I ignore, but hope that this evening, when I get to bed it will mostly go away.

Last minute checking

The day actually started yesterday. I checked on line to check in and get my tickets printed 30 hrs ahead of time it said. Then I called Delta to make sure, well they said 24 hrs but thats all right. I leave at 10:40 so we could go after traffic in the morning. The check engine let went on in the car, called and go an appointment for 8 AM Wednesday, the day before I leave.

Ready to Go

Christmas came and went. A great time with family and friends. On the 29th of December, the textbooks arrived. God is great! We started packing suitcases immediately. Even medium size suitcases fill up to the weight limit (50 lbs for extra suitcases) rapidly. We have 6 suitcases besides the 2 hand baggage I get to carry. Everything fit in, with room enough for one suitcase for Madagascar - to be forwarded to the seminary library at Morondava when someone travels there later in the year.

Too long

Too long since I posted. :) The textbook proof came and I immediately noticed that pages were on the wrong side, so emergency work to go through the text again, add a page in the beginning, then catch a bunch of typos I should have caught before, send it back to the printers, who then had to go through a repeat process before I could order. Was beginning to worry about receiving them but got the order off yesterday and the project manager assured me that they would arrive before departure. Of course, they may come on the 3rd - and I leave on the 4th. Nice to be able to trust God.

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